20 Questions to Ask on a College Visit

Only 3 more school days and then I am FREE!  I can’t wait for Florida and hanging out on the beach. For many high schoolers though, Spring Break means going on college visits and starting to narrow down the search for the perfect school.  These visits can be really overwhelming with information about all the programs the college offers and make thinking of questions a challenge.  But have no fear!  I’ve been on quite a few visits and am here to pass on my knowledge to you.

1. Are first-year students guaranteed housing?
2. What comes standard in a dorm room? (e.g. desk, wardrobe)
3. Which dorm is closest to most freshman classes?

4. Is a meal plan required?
5. What healthy options are offered on a daily basis?
6. Is there a coffee shop on campus?

Greek Life
7. When can Greeks start living in the house?
8. Is formal recruitment in the spring or fall?
9. How big is the Greek presence on campus?

10. Do TA’s ever teach class or are they all led by professors?
11. In what manner will AP credits transfer?
12. Will dual-enrollment credit transfer?
13. At what point are students able to study abroad?

14. What merit-based scholarships are available to freshman applicants?
15. When will need-based aid be awarded?
16. Are scholarships renewable all four years?

17. If you could change one thing about your school, what would it be?
18. What is your favorite tradition at the school?
19. What kind of access do students get to sporting events?
20. How easy is it to travel to the nearest city and what type of interaction do students have with the city?
Asking these questions will give you a greater depth of knowledge of the university and help you gain insight you won’t see on a brochure.  Best of luck on your college search!